Our brand's concept was to merge world class craftsmanship and processes with modern and classic styling relevant for all generations. We partnered with the best tailors, shoemakers, and accessory manufacturers to bring our collection to life and ensure the very best final product.

Our Flagship KINGSMAN Collection offers  both footwear and suiting from the US, Italy and Turkey. This collection uses old world, traditional methods to create the bespoke quality perfected by masters in their craft. Most of our KINGSMAN offerings are only available in store at our Haberdashery, but a small selection of our footwear is available online.

Our STATESMAN Collection bridges modern technology with flawless construction in both suiting and footwear. This collection utilizes best in class artisans from Shanghai and and Spain and the result is a masterpiece that you will be proud to own. 


Our shoes are individually handcrafted from start to finish using the very best techniques. Each shoe starts with the material, color and model selection process in house before being sent to our shoemaker to be crafted. Each shoe is lasted and hand colored to achieve the unique finish we are known for. Every shoe is individually inspected and finished before being sent to our clients to enjoy.

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