Welcome to M.Andrews Luxury

Welcome to M Andrews Luxury, where we invite you to experience the best in handmade luxury. We pride ourselves on our beautifully handcrafted and luxurious men’s shoes, handstitched ties, and sartorial  belts. Everything in our shop is handmade to order, so each piece is undeniably unique. All of our collections are designed in Texas, and then handcrafted in Italy for only the best quality craftsmanship and most sought out materials.

Handmade Men’s Designer Shoes

Our men’s designer shoes were created to rival the best high end designers in the business. Each pair of shoes is hand stitched and hand stained, so every pair is different. They are created to turn heads with their stylish designs and are built to be enjoyed for years to come. Our collections have been worn by many celebrities, including Usher and Blake Shelton.

Handmade Belts

Our handmade belts are made from Italian calfskin and feature a beautifully made stainless steel buckle. Each belt is colored by hand, making each belt a unique variation of the original. These belts add class and character to any ensemble. Choose from earthy tones like golden brown, olive green, dark brown, and black. We also carry two colors, black and white,  of belts created from genuine python skin for those who like to live on the wild side.

Handmade Neck Ties

Our luxurious neck ties are woven by hand in Italy. They are woven of silk and wool. These handcrafted ties come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your own personal style.



Our sartorial luxury collection will be the best addition to your closet yet.  Keep your wardrobe looking classic and stylish for years to come with any of our unique men’s designer shoes, leather handmade belts, or handmade neck ties. Shop our collections today!


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