Fit and Quality

Former NBA Star Antonio Daniels sporting the M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Tassel Loafer in Black

Former NBA Star Antonio Daniels sporting the M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Tassel Loafer in Black

The Most Important Parts Of A Well Put Together Wardrobe Is A Combination Of Proper Fit And Quality Workmanship, No Matter The Occasion. Paying Close Attention To These Characteristics Of Your Clothing And Footwear Will Ensure That You Are Always Looking Your Best And Getting The Maximum Value From Your Choices. Most Often Our Buying Processes Guide Us Towards Purchases Based Solely On Price While Ignoring These Important Factors And Missing The Mark. This Simple Guide Of How To Properly Identify Great Quality And Choose Better Fitting Garments Will Allow You To Obtain Great Pieces That Last A Lifetime And Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward.

When It Comes To Suiting And Business Attire, Fit Is Probably The Most Crucial Detail To Get Right. It Has Been Said By Many Great Designers That “A Bad Or Cheap Suit That Fits Perfectly Will Almost Always Look Better Than An Expensive One That Does Not.” The Best Route To Go To Get The Best Of Both Quality And Fit Would Be The Use Of A Custom Tailor Or Designer. Most Assume That This Option Is Too Expensive Compared To Their Current Buying Habits, But This Is Not Always The Case And Usually Will Always Result In Better Value. A Good Suit Off The Rack Can Easily Range From $500.00 To $1500.00 Before Including The Necessary Costs For Alterations In Order To Achieve The Best Fit. We Are All Familiar With The Common Alterations Such As Pant Length And Sleeve Length But Other Often Neglected Adjustments To The Jacket Body Such As Tapering And Length And Harder Adjustments Such As Shoulder Width Can’t Always Be Performed On A Ready To Wear Suit. A Custom Suit Will Take All These Things In Consideration From The Beginning Resulting In No Further Adjustments Needed And Included In The Agreed Upon Price. A Great Custom Built Garment Can Be Had In Many Cases For Less Than $1000.00 From Designers Such As My Company, M Andrews Sartorial Luxury, And Provide A Tremendous Value In Terms Of Both Fit And Quality.

It Is Often A Challenge To Identify The Details And Characteristics That Make Up A Quality Garment. Visually Every Manufacturer’s Job Is To Convince You That They Have The Most Appealing Product Or Design For You. In Suiting The First Sign Of A Well-Made Garment Is The Material Used To Make It. At A Minimum Any Suit Worth Its Money Will Be Constructed Of 100% Wool And On Higher End Suiting You Will See Blends Of Other Natural Fibers Such As Silk And Cashmere. These Materials Hold Their Shape And Have The Ability To Maintain A Crisp, New Look For Decades If Properly Taken Care Of.  On Suiting Jackets The Structure Of The Chest Piece Will Also Be An Easy Indicator Of Quality. Choose A Jacket That Drapes Well And Can Flow And Mold With Your Body Movements Over A Jacket With A Stiffer Or Fused Chest Piece. Other Aesthetic Elements Such As Quality Buttons, Natural And Vibrant Linings, And Indicators Of Craftsmanship Such As Working Buttons Will Definitely Set You Apart From The Crowd.

Corners Aren’t Cut By The Successful. Be The Very Best Dressed You Can Be At All Times.